Work Injuries

Workplace injuries are unfortunately all too common in the world. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured while on the job every seven seconds in the United States. This means that every year, more than 4.6 million workers become sidelined by injury, with an economic toll that is equal to over 104 billion production days being lost.

At our facilities, our therapy team has the expertise, equipment, and strategies necessary for helping injured workers recover from their injuries, so they can get back to the job site as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team will ensure excellent case management, cost containment, and successful return to work. We have a variety of services that are specifically designed to address the recovery needs of any injured worker.

Most Common Causes of Workplace Injury

A worker can suffer everything from cuts, lacerations, or punctures to sprains, strains, or tears to simple soreness and aches due to long days sitting at a computer. But some injuries are more likely to result in lost work days than others. The three most common workplace injuries to result in lost days of work include:

  • Injuries caused by overexertion or repetitive motion (account for over 33 percent of all workplace injuries and typically result in 12 days lost)
    • Lifting, pushing, turning, holding, carrying, or throwing heavy items.
    • Repetitive movements that result in stress or strain on some part of the body.
  • Injuries caused by contact with objects and equipment (account for 26 percent of all workplace injuries and typically result in 5 days lost)
    • Equipment or items falling on or crushing a worker.
    • Worker being injured by vibration, friction, or pressure.
    • Worker injured by being squeezed, pinched, compressed, or struck by equipment or materials.
  • Injuries due to slips, trips, and falls (account for over 25 percent of all workplace injuries and typically result in 12 days lost)

Physical Therapy Treatment for a Variety of Workplace Injuries

Physical therapy is one of the most effective means for getting injured workers back to work. The reason is because physical therapy targets the root cause of the worker’s pain and instability, and gradually alleviates that pain by improving the worker’s muscle strength and range of motion. Specific manual therapy techniques, stretches, training routines, and exercises are employed to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area, which helps reduce inflammation and encourages faster healing.

Physical Therapy Versus Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine is highly effective at treating myriad health problems, but when it comes to physical injuries in the body, it is often lacking. In such cases and all too often, traditional medicine relies on highly addictive painkillers to help alleviate the injured worker’s pain. The problem with this is that the painkillers only mask the pain; they do not resolve the problem that is causing it. The fact that these drugs are very easy to become addicted to creates an entirely new risk for the worker.

Physical therapy, on the other hand, offers a safer and more holistic approach that utilizes the body’s own healing process. By following a physical therapy treatment program, the injured worker will regain strength and mobility in the injured part of their body and the pain in many cases will start to fade naturally.

Recover From Your Injury Safely and Return to Work Faster

At our facilities, we offer a wide variety of treatment services designed to help injured workers recover, so they can return to work quicker. Our treatment plans are custom-tailored to each individual’s unique needs and recovery goals, and our highly trained certified physical therapists employ the latest and most innovative techniques and equipment to help every individual who walks through our doors achieve wellness.

If you were injured on the job, we can help you manage your pain, heal your injury, and get you back to work. Call us today or click here to schedule an appointment for a professional assessment by one of our certified physical therapists.